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And the Award Goes To...


Division Track Champions

Racing Family Award

 Beaver Dam Raceway recognizes the importance of family support while being involved in racing at the short track level. Racing is a challenging sport and success is only possible with the support of a lot of families. In our grandstands and our pit areas we see a lot of great families working, cheering, and supporting the drivers. We honor one of those families each year with this award. 

Golden Wrench Award

 We started the Golden Wrench Award to recognize those individuals behind the scenes that work on the cars we all enjoy watching. While the driver receives the accolades, it is these people that spend their nights behind the limelight; building, tuning, and making both their car and driver winners. One of the early winners of this award stated while receiving the award, ”I didn’t think anyone noticed”. We do notice and appreciate all members of the pit crews and their efforts. We recognize one of these each season that has achieved the respect of all the crews with the Golden Wrench Award. 

Tom Rosera Memorial

 Tom Rosera was a long time member of the Wisconsin Motorsports family, and that is how we think of ourselves, a family. Tom a level of dedication that was a rare gift in today's society. Whether crawling under a car to verify it's legality or debating the finer points of a rule in a staff meeting. Tom always ended his nights at the racetrack covered in clay, satisfied in the knowledge he gave his best effort to fairly enforce the rulebook. He was a guiding force in creating the rulebook we still use today. Even though he had retired from active inspections, he assisted in the off-season updating our rulebooks. He always provided insight and even sometimes a little humor. He was a very special member of our family and is greatly missed.

In Tom's honor, we present the Tom Rosera Memorial Award to a member of the Wisconsin Motorsports family. A racetrack is run by many people. They create the persona that becomes the track. Their character shows through the good times and sustains when things don't go just right. We are blessed with a great staff at Beaver Dam Raceway. It is tough to single out any one person, but we look for someone who has the same convictions of high character that Tom had. 

Larry Henkel Memorial

 Beaver Dam Raceway is owned by a group of men. There were five in the beginning, Scott Boyd, Lee Merkel, Glen Hepfner, Bill Muche, and Larry Henkel. We lost Larry some years back to illness. He was much like the others, a successful businessman who has a passion for this sport. He was a quiet, behind the scenes type of guy who enjoyed being at the track and was perfectly comfortable in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. If you didn't know him, you would never have guessed he was one of the owners.

His passion for racing was a lifelong affair with him and included being involved with the Blue Flame land speed record holding car. Hence the shape and color for the award that is given in his name. Larry's passion was for fast cars, good looking cars, and high character people. We give this award to honor Larry's passion for those traits. 

Fun Awards

With all the serious awards out of the way we recently started doing Fun Awards. If someone does something funny, unbelievably strange, or just something Kris can make a joke about - she creates awards.  

Divisional Champs


Grand National

2019  -  Tommy Moore

2018  -  Aaron Streblow

2017  -  Roger Lee

2016  -  Roger Lee

2015  -  Kenny Richards

2014  -  Tommy Moore

2013  -  Kenny Richards

2012  -  Roger Lee

2011  -  Kenny Richards

2010  -  Roger Lee

2009  -  Roger Lee

2008  -  Don Sorce Jr.

2007  -  Roger Lee

2006  -  Roger Lee

2004  -  Tim Doehling



2019  -  Ryan Mech

2018  -  Justin Pearson

2017  -  Cody Apfelbeck

2016  -  Mike Mueller

2015  -  Mike Mueller

2014  -  Joe Bongiorno

2013  -  Joe Johnson

2012  -  Brandon Schmitt

2011  -  Eric Barth

2010  -  Brandon Schmitt

2009  -  Eric Barth

2008  -  Eric Barth

2007  -  Eric Barth

2006  -  Eric Barth

2004  -  Eric Barth



2019  -  Dave Schoenberger

2018  -  Matt Rechek

2017  -  Tim Lemirande

2016  -  Don Sheffler

2015  -  Matt Rechek

2014  -  Jeremy Christians

2013  -  Don Scheffler

2012  -  Jeremy Christians

2011  -  Jeremy Christians

2010  -  Craig Priewe

2009  -  Craig Priewe

2008  -  Jay Schraufnagel

2007  -  Tim Lemirande

2006  -  Craig Priewe

2004  -   Jay Schraufnagel


Sport Modified

2019  -  Elijah Koenig

2018  -  Mike Mueller

2017  -  Elijah Koenig

2016  -  James Berkevich Jr.

2015  -  Brandon Riedner

2014  -  Jeff Schmul

2013  -  Jeff Steenbergen

2012  -  LeRoy Osrowski

2011  -  Zeke Bishofberger

2010  -  Jeff Steenbergen

2009  -  Jeff Schmul


Street Stocks

2019  -  Mike Winters

2018  -  Mike Winters

2017  -  Mike Winters

2016  -  Mike Winters

2015  -  Brandon Riedner

2014  -  Scott Riedner

2013  -  Scott Riedner

2012  -  Brandon Riedner

2011  -  Brandon Riedner

2010  -  Aaron Streblow

2009  -  Jesse Kanas

2008  -  Aaron Streblow

2007  -  Jerry Winkler

2006  -  Chuck Hummelmeier

2004  -  Trevor Schmidt


Dirt Devil

2019  -  Natalie Mech

2009  -  Tim Draheim

2008  -  Matt Janke

2007  -  Shaun Diebert

2006  -  Roger Frank

2004  -  Mike Mueller

Special Awards


Racing Family Recipients

Racing Family Recipients

Racing Family Recipients

2019  -  White

2018  -  Mech

2017  -  Streblow - Plate

2016  -  Weiss

2015  -  Crapser

2014  -  Berkevich

2013  -  Schepp

2012  -  Riedner

2011  -  Moore

2010  -  Scheffler - McGrath

2009  -  Firari


Golden Wrench Recipients

Racing Family Recipients

Racing Family Recipients

2019  -  Kale Peterman

2018  -  Brian Pearson

2017  -  Bill Dumire

2016  -  Jeff Mallak

2015  -  Kenny Richards

2014  -  Steve Christians

2013  -  Jim Krahn

2012  - Jeremy Christians Race Team

2011  -  Don Uherka


Rosera Recipients

Racing Family Recipients

Henkel Memorial Recipients

2019  -  Kris Shepard

2018  -  Todd Kobishop

2017  -  Chris Niggemeier

2016  -  Jim Tremblay

2015  -  Carolyn Scharrer

2014  -  Joe Surprise

2013  -  Brian Firari

2012  - Dave Casper


Henkel Memorial Recipients

Henkel Memorial Recipients

Henkel Memorial Recipients

2019  -  Aaron Streblow

2018  -  Roger Lee

2017  -  Dave Schoenberger

2016  -  Noah Schepp

2015  -  Pat Kinjerski

2014  -  Pete Firari

2013  -  Mike Mueller

2012  - Tommy Moore

2011  -  Brandon Riedner

2010  -  Brian Crapser

2009  -  Eddie Lemay


Fun Awards

Henkel Memorial Recipients

Fun Awards


Left Turn Only - Jodica Rupp

500M Bumper Dash - Dominick Troyan

Dance Team Award - Flossers 77H Team

Mike Held, Jerimiah Fielbah, Kale Peterman

Raceceiver Signs - Jerry Priesgen


Transponder awards 

Warren Ropp, Jim Bucher,  &

Justin Pearson

Line Up Do's & Don'ts

Carolyn Scharre

Intermission Medication

Jerry Priesgen

Back in the day

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